Mike Ramos Say His Name! Shot and killed by Austin PD

Black or Brown they will shoot us down.

His hands were up. He raised his T-shirt; No Gun! Despite not showing threat to the officers, Mike Ramos was shot down and killed by Austin Police

Officers responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man in a car doing drugs and waving a gun in the air.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE – A few days prior there was an officer involved shooting and the suspect was still at large.

In the video you see that Mike’s hands are up. You hear the officers telling Mike to walk toward them. You hear the officers say that they packing. You hear Mike repeating with his hands up that he does not have a gun.

According to the press conference held by Austin PD, Due to the officer involved shooting days prior police waited until the had many officers on the scene before entering the apartment complex.

The press conference revealed that police did NOT find a gun on Mike but are waiting on a warrant to search the vehicle for weapons.


Police fired at Mike with a non-lethal bean bag – while his hands were in the air. Ramos then got back in his car and began driving away, at which point the second officer fired his rifle at Ramos. He was taken to the hospital where he died that evening.

A woman who was in the car with Mike has been detained as the incident is being investigated, the police chief said Friday. The officer who shot the non-lethal weapon had been on the job for three months, he said, and the officer who shot the rifle had been on the job for five years.

Even The mayor of Austin, Texas, said Monday that he’s “disturbed” by a video he has seen of the fatal shooting of Mike Ramos by an Austin police

“Mike Ramos does not appear to threaten but ends up dead. There’s got to be a better way,” Adler said in a statement. “I’m very disturbed.”


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