B. Simone Manifests A Million Dollars & Launches New beauty Collection

“When people say they’re self-made they’re FU**ING Lying”

From social media star to entrepreneur. Comedian, actress, rapper, businesswoman, B . Simone Manifests $1 Million!!


It all started last year, when Simone declared that by her 30th birthday, April 5th 2020, she would have $1 million in her savings. Not only did she reach her goal! it happened 7 days before her deadline!

Emotional, Simone recounts the doubts she had about reaching her goal just a week prior! Amidst Corona virus and recent cancellations of her breadwinning comedy shows, Simone questioned “How am I gonna make this money”

50-days left Simone needed $500,000 she used every gift! Sold her first car, her closet, even reached back to an old skill of doing hair!

She has been working tirelessly on her new collection launch B. Simone Beauty!


Simone sat in the bed and cried out to God! She trusted that God would not leave her that He would come through and He did just that.


The take away from this inspiring manifestation is that we are ALL capable to achieve financial freedom! But don’t think for a second that it will be EASY!

It’s going to take DISCIPLINE!!! You may not have extreme income coming in like Simone, tons of fans or be able to save a million in a year! The point is the mindset! SET a goal how much can you save? Even if you saved $5 dollars a month it’s better than saving zero.

Billionaire B.

Let us use B. Simone’s Manifestation techniques make a plan and commitment to it!

Now a millionaire Simone made another declaration; she is giving herself 10 years to make a Billion!!! and we are so here for it!

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