“The Best Script I’ve Ever Read” Jason Momoa ‘SEE’ | APPLE TV+

Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss in the Apple Original, extended series, SEE.

Written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, SEE is set in the distant future where the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society is left to find new ways to interact, build, hunt and survive. Meanwhile, blind warrior Baba Voss’ (Jason Momoa) wife, Maghra played by Hera Hilmer, gives birth to a set of twins who has the ability to see.


Momoa first read the script on a train on the way to London after wrapping a shoot. Just three pages into reading and he was sold.

We all freaked out and unanimously agreed the greatest script I’ve ever read.

Jason Momoa | SEE’

SEE hits Apple TV + Nov 1

Character Breakdowns

Jason Momoa | Baba Voss

A fearless warrior, devoted father, fierce guardian, and the head of the mountain-dwelling Alkenny Tribe.

Alfre Woodard | Paris

One Paris is one of the elders of the Alkenny tribe, who’s inherited some abilities from her ancestors.

“Paris has forged a friendship and alliance with Baba Voss, and it’s Paris who senses something special in
him beyond his warrior skills. Also, as a midwife she realizes that the twin babies she’s
delivered are sighted, which sets the world spinning in unexpected directions.”

Alfre Woodard | ” Paris” SEE

Hera Hilmer | Maghra

Another woman in Baba Voss’s life is Maghra, who was found lost, alone and pregnant in
a storm. Maghra joins the Alkenny as a stranger but quickly ascends to the top of tribe’s
social structure by marrying Baba. Maghra is an
Ayura, who is wise, loving, and kind. She can sense truth and hear secrets, while keeping her own hidden.

“The Alkenny know only that she got lost in a blizzard, found her way there, and soon married Baba Voss. So, suddenly she’s a part of their tribe, which makes them wary of Maghra. When she arrived at the village, she was pregnant – so, who’s the father? We ultimately learn that the twins’ biological father has this incredible plan for them, and that they have a
very special ability, which changes everything.”

Hera Hilmer | ” Maghra” SEE

Sylvia Hoeks | Queen Kane

Queen Kane rules her kingdom with an iron fist – and a twisted delight in making others

“One of the key ways Queen Kane wields her power is by messing with people,” says Hoeks. “She likes to catch her subjects at their worst moment and then slap them in the face. That’s how she rules.

Sylvia Hoeks | “Queen Kane” SEE

Christian Camargo | Tamacti Jun

Queen Kane’s right hand man and chief enforcer is Tamacti Jun. As Royal Tax Collector and Witchfinder General for the monarch and the Holy Guardians of the Payan, Tamacti
Jun is a brilliant and violent general leading an army tasked with finding those “witches”with sight.

“Tamacti Jun holds so much on his shoulders, and he takes on so much pressure, not only from Queen Kane, but also from his own ideas of what society needs to be. One of the things I love most about Tamacti Jun is his utter commitment,” Camargo adds.

Christian Camargo | Tamacti Jun

Archie Madekwe and Nesta
| Haniwa and Kofun

“We are the same but different,” Cooper agrees. “Haniwa follows her gut. She’s a warrior with fire, drive, and curiosity. She boldly acts on impulse and doesn’t hold back. Kofun is an intellectual who thinks before acting.

Nesta Cooper | “Haniwa” SEE

Yadira Guevara-Prip | Bow Lion – Shadow

Shadow. To the Alkenny villagers, Bow Lion is the daughter of The Dreamer, as well as a young warrior, who fights alongside Baba Voss. Secretly, she possesses the skills of a Shadow, a mythical and stealthy spy who has the ability to move silently in secret and is undetectable by smell. Shadowing is an art that is passed from generation to generation, and entrusts the artist with the secrets of others. As a presence that observes, she understands the sacred nature of knowledge and the importance of
protecting what is sacred.

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