“…There’s a lot, I’ll call them the omissions of her critics that are crucial in understanding how she finds herself in the circumstances that she’s living with at the end of her life. You can’t lampoon or ridicule.”


He stepped outside from the party to spark a light, dressed elegantly in a gray pinned-stripped suit adorned with a satin sash and an off-white turtle neck. I approached him to congratulate him on his performance. Ashton Sanders is best known for his role as Teen Chiron in the Academy Award winning film, Moonlight. You are in for a memorizing portrayal of Bobby Riggs, AKA Prince Rakeim AKA, RZA .

Will Smith “100 Percent Digital Human..” | Gemini Man

Will Smith returns to the screen in Gemini Man and he’s playing both his older and younger self. Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an elite assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. To his horror, he soon learns that the man who’s trying to kill him…

Bad Boys For Life 2020

Will Smith returns as Mike Lowry and Martin Lawerence as Marcus Burnett opposite of Joe Pantoliano, who will reprise his role as Captain Howard.

Beware -Why Airbnb hosts in NYC may be hunted For Closure !

A few of my first Airbnb experiences were in the Big Apple. It’s the best way to affordably experience each borough. Occasionally, you may run into a last minute cancellation double booking or unresponsive host, but let’s face it a private room or entire apartment is cheaper in comparison to the $225 a day, hotel…


Zendaya In Custom Vera Wang Zendaya wasn’t even nominated for a category this year, but listen! This jaw dropping custom Vera Wang Gown was stunning! Cartier on the ears and wrist tied together with these satin Brain Atwood pumps! I mean! Her INSPO was Poison Ivy and Her stylists Law Roach and Ursula have just…