New Music Pusha T “Nosetalgia” FT. Kendrick Lamar + Rock the Bells Photos!!

I don’t care how much money YOU Make WE MAKE G.O.O.D MUSIC!!!!!-Kanye 


Kanye went on Cray CRAY RANT at Pusha T’s album release party!!! and Pusha T let us know Kanye told no fibs with his latest release “Nosetalgia,” from his upcoming debut My Name Is My Name. He rips apart the Nottz-producedtrack, while Kendrick once again proves he won’t be outshined.

“I was born in ’87/ My granddaddy a legend/ Now the same shit that ya’ll was smoking is my profession/ Let’s get it,” raps K-Dot.

Other guests on MNIMN include Rick Ross, The-Dream, Jeezy, Kelly Rowland, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Future, Pharrell, and Chris Brown. My Name id My Name Slaps Racks Oct. 8th.

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